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A woman is a powerhouse of strength and a reservoir of dignity. She was not created lightly, neither was she given life in vain. Her aura is akin to that strong ancient tree that everyone clings to for life and love. A tree with roots deep within the earth, yet branches far above the sky. Branches that support, nourish, and shelter everyone that they come in contact with - those who nest in permanently, and also those who fly away after brief rest. But the real strength of those branches lies in her deep and nurtured, yet unseen, roots - the faith in her heart, and the submission of her soul to her Only Creator and Sustainer. If she recognises this fact, she connects to the Source of All Strength and will never wither away, come storm or hail. And if she fails to see it, alas she lets go of her ethereal Divinely-gifted potential and sways to every gust of wind that seeks to imbalance her. 


In the world today, every opportunistic vulture greedily waits to claw at her branches, eager to tear away her real power and ability. Sometimes in the name of feminism, sometimes in the guise of traditionalism, she is pushed and pulled until she forgets that this burden of labelling was never hers to bear in the first place. She has far higher mountains to climb, far honourable peaks to conquer. 


In this talk, we will look at the life of those awe-inspiring women of the past who chose to leave behind every cliché and label, who let go of selfish base desires that weaken them, who fought every thief seeking to loot their real identity - servant of the Most Loving, Most Gentle God. We will study about those women who chose to connect their roots to the Ever Living, the Source of love, the Source of patience; and in that process became the towering perennial trees whose shade we rest in even today. 


Asmaa' bint Abi Bakr, who assisted the Messenger (saw) and her father during the hijrah in the throes of pregnancy, Hafsah bint 'Umar, the preserver of the Qur'an, Nusaybah bint Ka'ab the one who fought alongside the Prophet (saw) and many more who forever left their footprints to be followed in this dunya, for those who wish to reach the ultimate pinnacle in the Akhirah. Scholars, soldiers, mothers, architects of generations to come, may Allah be pleased with them all. And yet how little we know of them, how rarely do we learn from them. Come and revive the legacy of these remarkable role models.


Come, be inspired. Come, be enlightened. 


Come... find your roots. 







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Dr. Halima Boukerroucha is an Assistant Professor at Ahmed Ibrahim Faculty of Law - International Islamic University Malaysia since 2008. She obtained her Ph.D. in Islamic Law from the University of Algiers in 2007.

Dr Halima published one book, five chapters in books and several articles in refereed journals. She has also presented several papers in international conferences; she conducted several workshops and speeches. She has also supervised several masters and Ph.D. students.

Dr Halima’s services in the field of da’wah started in early nineties in Algeria where she contributed several lectures, workshops and trainigs. Her international profile grew in 2008, when she joined the International Islamic University Malaysia and was exposed to multi-disciplines and multinational community. During this period, she was able to present her thoughts on da’wah education and family matters in an integrated approach. This approach manifested in a series of lectures and presentations in Universities, radio and workshops in addition to international da’wah symposiums.

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