“…Light Upon Light. Allah guides to His light whom He wills…”

(Surah an-Nur, 24:35)

Knowledge is light. Knowledge is power. And the one who has been given this light, has been given an enormous treasure. It is in view of this belief that Light Upon Light has been set up.


Light Upon Light is an educational organization that seeks to spread the light of knowledge to one and all. It aims to reinvigorate the soul, ignite passion to learn, and empower to internalize Divine lessons through various mediums.



It is our belief that knowledge cannot be encased within one parameter, rather it has to pervade all realms of human experience. Therefore, since its inception, Light upon Light has carried out its vision with the aid of numerous conferences, seminars, workshops, intellectual discourse, film and video production, and book publication and distribution. 


A plethora of illustrious academicians, speakers, activists, poets, artists and budding talent have been given the platform to carry forward the dialogue of Islamic ethos in this modern world. Soulful retreats, awareness-raising seminars, poetry slams, and fundraising for the most needy have all been part of this exciting journey.


It is our mission to continuously host a range of activities that carry forward the torch of humanity’s tryst with knowledge.

© 2017 Light Upon Light 

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