• Dr.Fadila Grine


    (Qualification), (Institution).






    (Organisation), (Role), (Year), (Level).


    Wise Muslim Women, Member, 2011, (International)

    NAM Institute for the Empowerment of Women (NIEW), Member, 2011, (National)

    Centre of Qur’anic Research, Exco Member, 2010, (National)

    Arabian Muslim Association, Life Member, 2006, (National)


    (Role), (Level), (Start date),(End Date).

    Co-chair of Ibn Khaldun International Conference 2012, 17-Oct-12 – 18-Oct-12

    EX-Member, University Core Mentors, University Malaya, University Malaya, 01-Oct-12 – 31-Dec-13

    Incharge Of English Papers for The 3rd International Conference on Numerical Miracles in the Holy Quran 2012, 22-Sep-12 – 23-Sep-12

    Editorial Board Member For the Journal of Fayoum Heritage & Civilization Center,Fayoum University , 13-Aug-12

    Committee Member of the International Confrence on Muslim Family and Global Changes,University of Jordan 9-11 April 2013 Amman , 10-Aug-12

    Panal Assessor for Candidature Defences at the department of Islamic History and Civilization for English And Arabic disertations since April 2011, University Malaya, 23-Jul-12

    Interior Examiner and Viva Panal:Fahd Abdulalem Mohammed Saeed Phd (May 30th,2012), University Malaya, 30-May-12

    Panal Assessor at departemnt of Siasah Syari’yyah:Phd Final defence: Samera Za.Eltaib( IHA090030), University Malaya, 28-May-12 – 28-May-12

    Committee member of the 2nd Annual International Quranic Conference 2012, 11-Feb-12

    Trainer , Academy Of Islamic Studies, 02-Jan-12

    Editorial Board member of the World Journal of Islamic History and Civilization (WJIHC) http://idosi.org/wjihc/board.htm, 01-Nov-11

    Committee member of International Seminar Research In Islamic Studies II Organize by Division of Postgraduate Study, Academy of Islamic Studies 2011, 10-Oct-11 – 31-Dec-11

    Secretariat, Committee, Editor, Session Moderator, Mc World Congress for Islamic History and Civilization, Department of Islamic History and Civilization, , 10-Oct-11 – 11-Oct-11

    Reviewer for Al Tamddun Journal , Department Of Islamic History And Civilization, Academy Of Islamic Studies, 01-Apr-11 – 03-Aug-12

    Committee member of the World Congress for Islamic History and Civilization 2011, 01-Apr-11 – 15-Oct-11

    Committee member of the Annual International Quranic Conference 2011, 14-Feb-11

    Secretariat, Editor, Script Writer And Master Of Ceremonies for the International Annual Quranic Conference, Department of Quran and Hadith, University Malaya 2011, 11-Jan-11 – 12-Jan-11

    ISI Committee Member 2011, Academy Of Islamic Studies, 02-Jan-11 – 29-Apr-11

  • Dr. Benouda Bensaid

    Ph.D., Islamic Studies (McGill University)
    International Islamic University, Malaysia


    Dr. Benaouda Bensaid earned his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from McGill University, Montreal, Canada. He has over 18 years of experience in teaching and administration in Canada and overseas. Dr. Bensaid specializes in various subjects of Islamic studies including Islamic thought, Islamic ethics, Islamic law, Islamic mysticism, and modern Muslim movements. Dr. Bensaid has been instrumental in founding several Islamic projects in Canada, and has delivered numerous workshops and lectures on various Islamic topics.

    PhD, Islamic Studies, Institute of Islamic Studies, Quebec, Canada,

    Dissertation: “Towards a Model of Da‘wah in Contemporary Societies: The Case of Shaykh
    Muhammad al-Ghazali (1917-1996)”

    Masters, Department of Islamic Revealed Knowledge, International Islamic University,
    Malaysia Thesis: “Theory of Maqasid and the Social Sciences”

    Bachelor in Islamic Studies, El-Emir AbdelKadir University of Islamic Studies, Algeria
    Specialization: Usul al-Fiqh (Islamic Legal Theory)

    Diploma in Business Management, Stratford Institute, Toronto, Canada

    Quality Management, Community College, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Saskatchewan’s Principalship, University of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Canada


    The Middles East Studies Association (MESA)

    Association of Muslim Social Scientists

    The American Academy of Religion


    July 2010-Present: Lecturer, Department of General Studies, The International Islamic
    University, Malaysia

    2006-2010: The Canadian Islamic Center (CIC), Alberta, Canada, Director

    2000-2004: Saskatoon Misbah School (SMS), Saskatoon, Canada, School Director

    1998-2000: Maritime Muslim Academy (MMA), Nova Scotia, Canada, School Principal

    1996: Public Relations, International Islamic University, Malaysia, Officer

    1995: International Islamic University, Malaysia: Special Assistant to the Rector

    1993-1994: MAZ International School, Malaysia, Teacher of Islamic studies and French

    1993: Matriculation Center, International Islamic University, Malaysia, Lecturer of Islamic

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Said Bouheraoua

    Senior Researcher
    ISRA (International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance)

    Usul al-Fiq / Islamic Law of Transaction/ Takaful/ Legal Maxims

    Fields of interest in research:
    Islamic Law of Transaction/ Islamic Banking/ Takaful/ Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

    Educational Qualifications:

    1. Obtained his PhD from IIUM Dept of Fiqh and Usul Al_fiqh in 2002. Thesis title: The Theory of Ijtihad in Usuli Thought.
    2. Obtained his master from IIUM Dept of Quran and Sunnah in 1998. Thesis title: Time Space Dimension and its Impact in Dealing with Islamic Legal Text.
    3. Obtained his Bachelor from University of Algiers (National Higher institute of religion foundations) Dept of Fiqh and Usul Fiqh. Year 1991
    4. Obtained Diploma in Human Sciences. International Islamic University Malaysia. Year 2007.

    Language Proficiency:
    1. Arabic
    2. French
    3. English

    Working Experience:
    1. Full time lecturer at University Science Islam Malaysia (USIM) 2003- 2004.
    2. Working at International Islamic University Malaysia, Ahmad Ibrahim Kullyyah of Laws. Dept of Islamic Law. from 2004 to 2009.
    3. Senior Researcher at International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic finance. Since May 2009.
    4. Member of Shari’ah Committee in Affin Islamic Bank since March 2008.


    Publications & Paper Presented

    1. The Orientalists Perception of The Quran and Sunnah, Malaysia Daru At-Tajdid, 2004 (Co-Author).
    2. Time Space Dimension and Its Impact in Dealing with Islamic Legal Text, Jordan Daru Al- nafayis and Malaysia Daru al-fajr, 1999. Published also by Daru At-Tajdid. Year of publication 2002.

    Chapter in Book
    1. Child Protection in Islamic & Malaysian Law: Orphans and Foundlings as a case study. Published by UAE Awqaf & Minors Affairs Foundation year 2007.
    2. Manhaj Al-Fatwa According to Al-Imam Al-Shawkani. Published by University Science Islam Malaysia year 2008.

    Published Articles
    1. The Theory of interpretation according to al-Ghazali, Ibn al-Arabi & Ibn Rushd al-Hafid. Accepted for published in At-Tajdid a refereed Arabic biannual journal. IIUM.
    2. Formation of al-Qadi Al-Shar’i in Malaysia; IIUM as a Case Study. Published in The Journal of Islamic University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) 2007.
    3. The Issue of Concept in Usuli Thought “The Concept of Sunnah As a Case Study. Published in referred “Journal of Islam in Asia”. Vol, IV, No. 1 July 2007.
    4. The Impact of Ibn Hazm’s doctrinal views on defending the authority of solitary reports (khabar al-Wahed). Publisher: At-Tajdid biannual journal IIUM, 8th year august 2004, issue No.16.
    5. “An Analytical and Critical Study of The Legal Maxim:”The Invalidity of Ijtihad in The Presence of an Explicit Legal Text”” [2000] 8 At-Tajdid Biannual Journal IIUM.
    6. The Muslim (Legal) Scholar; What Does it Mean to be a Muslim Scholar? AIKOL Legal Line 2007.

    Book Review
    1. “Al- Imam Shafii and The Founding of Reconciliatory Ideology” [2000] 7 At-Tajdid Biannual Journal IIUM.
    2. “The Phenomena of Islamic Leftist Movement” [2000] 1 Al-Risla PGSS.

    Papers Presented
    1. “Awareness of the Founding of Schools of Fiqh and Its Impact in Enhancing Intellectual Creativity” International Conference on Muslims and Islam in The 21st Century: Image and Reality, Putra World Trade Center, Kuala Lumpur, 4 to 6 August 2004, organised by Dept of Psychology IIUM & International Institute for Muslim Unity (IIMU).
    2. The Issue of Concept in Usuli Thought. International conference on Linguistic and Texts Analysis held from 12 to 13 December 2004 in Algeria organized by Faculty of Literature and Arts in University of Oran.
    3. The Concept of Human Dualism from an Islamic Perspective and its Impact in Promoting Human Rights in the Arab Society International conference on Human Rights in Arab World (Jordan, Mutah University) held from 09 t0 12 may 2005.
    4. Siyasah Shari’yyah as an Approach to Harmonization of Shari’ah and Civil Law .International Conference on Harmonisation of Shariah and Civil Law Organized by Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws IIUM. Kuala Lumpur, PWTC, 29&30 Jun 2005.
    5. Formation of Al-Qadi Al-Shar’i in Malaysia; IIUM as a Case Study International conference Organized by University of Sharjah United Arab Emarites Faculty of Islamic Law from 11 to 13 April 2006.
    6. Child Protection in Islamic & Malaysian Law: Orphans and Foundlings as a Case Study. International conference on Minors protection. UAE Awqaf & Minors Affairs Foundation. 14-16 November 2006.
    7. Manhaj al-Fatwa According to al-Imam al-Shawkani international conference organised by College university Islam Malaysia 4& 5 December 2006 .
    8. The Maqasidi Dimension and Its Impact in Shaping Legal Fatwa. International Conference on Family Law in the 21st century. Organized by the Department of Islamic Law. Ahamad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws. IIUM. 16 & 17 January 2007.
    9. The Theory of Interpretation According to al-Ghazali. International Conference on “The Holly Qur’an and Methods of Interpretations” Organized by the Department of Islamic Studies University Sidi Muhamad Bin Abdullah, Fez. Morocco. 08 & 9 May 2007.
    10. Ijtihad in Islamic Law: theory and practice. International conference on Ijtihad and renewal. University of Yarmouk Royal Jordan 11/12 april 2008.
    11. Foundation of Mediation in Islamic Law And its Contemporary Application Asia Pacific mediation forum: challenges and oportunities. organized by Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws IIUM and Asia pacific mediation forum 29/30 Jun 2008.
    12. Maqasid al-shari’ah for Legal Education. International conference on contemporary issues of Law, Shari’ah, and Legal Research. Organized by Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws IIUM and University of Jordan 13/14 December 2008.
    13. Parameters for the Application of Maslahah and Dharurah Principales in Islamic Finance. The 3rd International Shari’ah Scholars Dialogue (ISSD) in Hotel Hilton Kuala Lumpur on 23-24 December 2008.
    14. Tawarruq In The Banking System: A Critical Analytical Study Of Juristic Views. Organization of Islamic Countries (19th Session) Sharjah UIE 26-30 April 2009.

    Supervision of PhD thesis:
    1. Contemporary Ijtihad : an Analysis of Individual and Collective Approaches. Candidate: Yusri Mohamad 2004 Completed.
    2. Legal Issues in the Contract of Partnership in Islamic Investment Funds. Candidate: Adli Ali Hamad 2005 Completed.
    3. The Application of General Principals of Prohibited Financial Transactions in Malaysian Islamic Banking: Candidate: Zainudin Bin Ismail. (Co-Supevisor) in progress.
    4. Shari’ah Legal Devices: a Way Out for Islamic Banking: Candidate Mohmoud Mohamed Ali Mahmoud. 2007 completed.
    5. The Procedure of Judicial Execution ( Comparative Study Between Omani and UAE Law). Candidate: Abdul Aziz Al-Tobi 2008 in progress.
    6. The Clash Between the Right for Humanitarian Aid and Military Intervention in the Cadre of Chapter 7 of the United Nation’s Charter. Candidate: Sameh Muhamad Ibrahim Abu Sini (Co-Supervisor) 2008 in progress.
    7. Islamic Leasing Bonds in Fiqh and Sudanese Law and its implementation in contemporary Financial Market: A comparative Study. Candidate: Mohammed Mahgoub Bashary completed.
    8. Arbitration in Islamic Finance Disputes: a Comparative Study Between Golf States and Malaysia. Candidate Abdelrahaman A.A Rehan 2008 in progress.
    9. Financial Status of Married Couples: A Comparative Study between Iraqi Law and Islamic Jurisprudence. Candidate Hogir K. K. Mustafa 2008 in progress.

    Internal Examiner:
    1. Internal examiner for Master Thesis of Agim Metala (Sale of Attawarruq and it’s implementation in current Banking System) 2005
    2. External examiner for PhD Thesis of Mohammad Hilal Naseer (The Development of Codification Of Judicial Rulings in The Sulanate od Oman: A Comparative Study With Islamic Law) 2007.
    3. External examiner for PhD Thesis of Zakariya Hama( The Issuance of Exchange of Non- Debt Securities: Islamic Legal Analysis with Reference to Contemporary Practices) 2009.

    Appointed by Harun M. Hashim Law Center to write an expert opinion on “the Relocation of Muslim Graves” for Mr. Carl Tessler (Attorney and Counselor at Law in USA). 2006

    Development of Course Outlines
    1. Arabic Language for Legal Purposes (intermediat level) for Master Program.
    2. Arabic Language for Legal Purposes (Advance level) for Master Program.
    3. Islamic Labour Welfare (for excutive diploma in Labour and Industrial Relation Law).
    4. Maqasid Al-Shari’ah for Legal Purposes ( for fifth year students: Double Degree)

    1. Member of the Society of Algerian Muslim Schoolars since 2007.
    2. Coordinator of Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws Arabic Unit since 2007.
    3. Coordinator of courses: SHA4430A, SHA4431A, SHA4881A, SHA4911A.
    4. Member of Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah Postgraduate Bord since 2007
    5. Member of Editorial Bord of At-Tajdid International Refeered Journal since May 2005.
    6. Consultant Editor in Al-Risalah referred Journal IIUM 2008.
    7. Member of organizing committee, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws Islamic Enhencement programme (IEP) 2006.
    8. Member of organizing committee, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws Islamic Enhencement and Evaluation programme (IEEP) 2007.
    9. Member of organizing committee, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws, international Conference on International Family Law 16-17 January 2007.
    10. Member of organizing committee, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws Law Attachment Program (LAP) 2007.
    11. Deputy Director of organizing commitee, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws 5th Meeting On The Asian Pacific Mediation Forum2008:”Mediation in the Asia Pacific: Constraints and Chalenges.
    12. Deputy Director of organizing commitee, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws, “Iinternationa Conference on contemporary Isues of Law, Shari’ah and Legal Education in Malaysia and Jordan December 2008.
    13. Deputy Director of organizing commitee, Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws, “Iinternationa Conference on Harmonization of Shari’ah and Civil Law 2009.
    14. Appointed as referee for Journal of Islam in Asia. IIUM.
    15. Appointed as referee for Al-Risalah Journal IIUM.
    16. Appointed as referee for IIUM Journal Journal.

    Winner of the Lamya al-Faruqi award for academic excellence year 1999, Organized by International Institute of Islamic Thought & International Islamic University Malaysia.

  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Halima Boukerroucha

    BA (Unv. Of Algiers), MA (IIUM), Ph.D (Univ. of Algiers)
    Fiqh and Usul Al-Fiqh, Department of Islamic Law, IIUM


    1. Milestones of Fiqh Methodology Renewal According to Al-Imam Muhamad Bin Ali Al-Shawkani. Published in Kitab Al-Ummah Series, published by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs (Qatar). Year 2002.

    Chapter in Book
    1) Contemporary Islamic Discourse: Methodology and Tools. Published in: Series of Major Intellectual Project, under title: Contemporary Islamic Discourse: a Call for Assessment and reexamination, published by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs (Qatar). Year 2006.
    2) Abusive Families introduction to understanding and means to Overcome. Published in: Series of Major Intellectual Project under title: The Phenomena of Extremism and Violence from Results Encounter to Causes Examination, published by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs (Qatar). Year 2007.
    3) Fiqh Methodology According to Al-Imam Al-Shawkani. Published in: Manhajiyat Al-Iftaa Fi Al-Fiqh Al-Islami. University Sains Islam Malaysia. Unit Pernerbitan. July 2008.
    4) The Determinants of Personal Creativity of Imam al-Sharii. Published in KVC. Dept of Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh. IRKHS by Research Center IIUM. Sept 2011.
    5) Al-Imam al-Shafii and his book al-Risala: Causes of Composition. Published in KVC. Dept of Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh. IRKHS by Research Center. IIUM. Sept 2011.

    Published Articles

    1.The reasons of Islamic Sects Foundation. Publisher: Al-Rissalah biannual Referred Journal (PGSS) IIUM, year 2005.
    2.Islamic Thought between Legitimacy to Renewal. Author: Zaki Al-Milad. Book review. Publisher: At-Tajdid biannual journal IIUM, year 1999.

    Research Grants

    1- The Issue of Usul Methodology in the contemporary Ijtihadi Thought.IIUM. Amount RM5000. From 15 May 2008.Principal Researcher. Completed December 2009. Outcome. Chapter in fifth year and Master Programme.
    2- Maqasid Al-Shari’ah for Legal Education. IIUM. From December 2009. Principal Researcher Ongoing Final Stage. Outcome Text Book for fifth year students.

    Papers Presented

    1. Methodological Foundation for Islamic Intellectual Unity, presented at International Conference on Muslims Unity In The 21st century Opportunities and Challenges, Nikko Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, 1 & 2 October 2003, organised by the International Institute for Muslim Unity (IIMU).
    1. Methodology of Fatwa According To Al-Imam Muhamad Bin Ali Al- Shawkani, Paper presented in the international conference on Methods of Fatwa In Islamic Law, 5 & 6 December 2006 in Nikko Hotel Kuala Lumpur organized by (USIM).
    2. The Issue of Usul Methodology in the Contemporary Ijtihadi Thought. Paper approved for presentation in the International conference for Ijtihad and Iftaa in the 21st Century: Challenges and Prospects (12-14 August 2008). Organizer: Department of Fiqh and Usul Al-Fiqh IRKHS IIUM.
    3. Maqasid Al-shari’ah for Legal Education. Presented in international conference on contemporary issues of Law, Shari’ah, and Legal Research. Organized by Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws IIUM and University of Jordan 13/14 December 2008.
    4. Environmental Security in Islamic Law and International Charters. Paper presented in International Conference on Harmonisation between Shari’ah and Civil Law held in AG’s Chamber Putrajaya: 08-09 December 2009. Organiser Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws IIUM.
    5. Environmental Security in Islamic Law and International Charters. Paper presented in International Conference on Harmonisation between Shari’ah and Civil Law held in AG’s Chamber Putrajaya: 08-09 December 2009. Organiser Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws IIUM.
    6. Competency Approach and its Role in Teaching Languages. Paper presented in the 2nd International Language Conference (ILC) 2011 organised by Centre for Languages and Pre-University Academic Development (CELPAD). 22nd – 24th April 2011, International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    7. The Determinants of Personal Creativity of Imam al-Sharii. Paper presented in the International conference on Creativity and Innovation for Sustainable Development organised by the Department of General Studies IRKHS. 12th – 14th September 2011, International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    1- Arbitration in Maritime Disputes: An Analytical Study of the Laws of Libya in the light of International Agreement Ph.D. Candidate Salma Faraq Sharif (G0910554) Year 2009.
    2- Procedures of Divorce in Customary Courts in South-West Nigeria: A comparative Analysis with Shari’ah. Candidate Murtala Saad (G0915359) Year 2010.
    3- The Collection and Distribution of Zakat: A Comparative Study Between Shariah and Yemeni Law . Candidate: Haliya Saleh Hussein Al-Hanash G0811286.
    4- Criminal Liability for the Breach of the Privacy of Electronic Data: A Comparative Study between Shari’ah and Law Ph.D. Candidate Abir Ali Elwarfelli (G083821) Year 2010.
    5- Contractual Equilibrium and its Impact on Ijarah Contract, with Special Reference to Financial Leasing: A Comparative Study Beteew Shariah and Egyptian Law. Ph.D. Candidate Ali Abdelatif G1024453. Date of appointment May 2001


    The healing of the heart is a process that essentially entails a blend of Allah Subhana wa Taala’s two greatest ayahs (signs) none other than the Al-Quran Kalamullah, and the universe that He created.

    Pondering upon these two ayahs is a huge part of the therapeutic journey we want to embark on through the Reclaim Your Heart Retreat, InshaAllah.

    With this in mind, we have picked South Island, New Zealand as an idyllic setting for us to be surrounded by the beauty of Allah’s natural creations, and two befitting scholars to invite us to the remembrance of Allah’s magnificence.

    Shaykh Navaid Aziz (Canada) is a certified scholar specializing in several areas of interests such as aqidah, hadith, fiqh, usul al-fiqh, and shari’ah. He has always been passionate in serving the community: families, youths, and children. Yasmin Mogahed (USA) on the other hand focuses most of her da’wah on the inward aspects of Islam, such as spiritual and personal development, and the inner strengths of the heart.

    These two speakers, although differing in credentials, share the same forte in being soft-spoken and gentle in their approaches. Tenderness and humility were treasured traits of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Salallahu Alaihi Wassalam’s character, especially in spreading Islamic messages.

    The program includes halaqas and other learning sessions, recreational activities (kayaking, cycling, hiking, trail walking, horse riding), a community program in Queenstown, and a public free talk in Christchurch to wrap up the whole retreat.

    The blend of all these elements: captivating scholars sharing knowledge in a personal compact group, surrounded by picturesque nature and a homey lodging place, InshaAllah will give you a retreat experience like no other!

    DATES: 17th – 22nd April 2014 (participants to arrive in South Island on the 17th)
    VENUE: Kinloch Lodge, Glenorchy, Queenstown & Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand

    TYPE A Heritage Room (2 in a room – female only): USD 1000
    TYPE B Wilderness Room (3 in a room): USD 900
    TYPE C Wilderness Room (4 in a room): USD 800
    Christchurch Talk: FOC

    Eventbrite - Reclaim Your Heart Retreat (New Zealand) Yasmin Mogahed & Sheikh Navaid Aziz

    For those who would like to purchase tickets but have no credit card or debit card, not to worry. Here’s another way to do it. To book your tickets, BUY TICKETS MANUALLY


    Japan, the land of the rising sun will witness spiritual journey with Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed this April.

    We always look for that something. Something that we think may filled in our inner void. We feels our life is complete as we have all the things we need, power, status, wealth and everything that this world can offer. But still, deep inside, emptiness engulf our mind, body and soul. We keep on searching and without realizing it, we actually look for it at the wrong place!

    Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed will be talking about how to look for that One True Love that can heals the emptiness. The event details is as per :

    Date : 29 April 2014 (Tuesday)

    Venue : Tokyo Camii Mosque, http://goo.gl/DZ0IzV

    Fees : 500 yen per person (children below 12 years old, free of charge)
    Eventbrite - Yasmin Mogahed in Japan - Healing The Emptiness

    Participants : Open to all (Muslim and non-Muslim)

    Tentative :
    1200-1300 : Registration (and Zuhur Prayer)
    1300-1430 : Opening + Talk Session
    1430-1500 : Q&A Session
    1500-1700 : Tea Time (and Asr Prayer)


    This whole-day seminar will be featuring Yasmin Mogahed as the keynote speaker in interval sessions InshaAllah with the subject of The Quran As A Healing. This basically explains how the Quran helps in the healing of all aspects, whether social, psychological, or emotional.

    Also speaking at the seminar are two other guest speakers of prominence in the international Islamic scholarship circuit. Dr. Halima Boukerroucha will be speaking about the role of women as of in The Quran. This will cover concepts of how women are the basis of both the birth and revival of a nation, how women are a very special part of the universe, and how Islam views the complementary relationships between men and women. Her talk is entitled ‘YOU Completed Me’.

    The second guest speaker, Dr. Fadila Grine will explain on how Muslims should define and measure happiness through the lens of the deen, in her talk ‘Measure Of Happiness’.  Each talk will run for 90 minutes, followed by 30 minutes Q&A session respectively.

     DATE: 26th April 2014 (Saturday)
    TIME: 9.00 am – 10.00 pm
    VENUE: Main Auditorium, Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), Putrajaya


    8.00 am – 9.00 am: Registration
    9.00 am – 11.00 am: Dr. Halima Boukerroucha – YOU Completed Me
    11.00 am – 1.00 pm: Yasmin Mogahed’s session
    1.00 pm – 2.30 pm: Break for Dzuhr & lunch
    2.30 pm – 4.00 pm: Dr. Fadila Grine – Measure Of Happiness
    4.00 pm – 5.30 pm: Yasmin Mogahed’s session
    5.30 pm – 6.00 pm: Break for Asr
    6.00 pm – 7.00 pm: Yasmin Mogahed’s session
    7.00 pm – 8.00 pm: Break for Maghrib & dinner
    8.00 pm – 9.00 pm: Hati Ini Milik Mu (Reclaim Your Heart Malay translation) book launch and book signing

    Eventbrite - Yasmin Mogahed in Malaysia - Observation of A Heart

    For those who would like to purchase tickets but have no credit card or debit card, not to worry. Here’s another way to do it. To book your tickets, BUY TICKETS MANUALLY

    Important Notes:

    1. Hall 7 in Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) is dedicated to place mothers and small children only under the age of 4 years during the seminar. Live feed from the main hall will be provided.
    2. Mothers must ensure that the children are under their care full time.
    3. Please bring any essential items to make sure your child(ren) is taken care of.
    4. We highly appreciate and encourage that your area of your sitting in the hall is kept clean and tidy at all times.
    5. Please note that the organizer will not be responsible for any liability.

    Name of Mother(required)

    Email (required)

    Contact No (required)


    No. of Children in Mother's Room

    Name and Age of Child(ren):

  • about us like us

    Light Upon Light, an organisation that focuses in equipping knowledge and empowering individuals & the community through research & development,intellectual discourses, forums, conferences and Islamic art. Light Upon Light believe that to be God Conscious (Taqwa) is the pillar in fulfilling our duty in serving the ummah as the Khalifah on earth.


    I Slam is a platform that utilizes Islamic arts as a means for spreading da’wah. This time we are hosting I Slam as a strictly Sisters Only event. For this one night, we want our Muslim sisters to feel completely free and comfortable to enjoy entertainment as allowed and encouraged by the deen, within Islamic parameters. At the end of the day, all of our conducts including having fun, is done with the main goal to get closer to Allah.

    With a ballroom and dinner setup, Yasmin Mogahed and her two special performances will be the icing on the cake amongst other exciting singing, acting, poetry performances, and short talks.

    DATE: 25th April 2014 (Friday)
    TIME: 8 pm – 11 pm
    VENUE: Dewan Perdana Felda, Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur

    Eventbrite - I Slam (sisters only event)

    For those who would like to purchase tickets but have no credit card or debit card, not to worry. Here’s another way to do it. To book your tickets, BUY TICKETS MANUALLY

  • What We do

    Islamic Seminars and Conferences

    Islamic events can provide a big boost in our Iman and desire to improve. It is for this reason that Light Upon Light will be organizing Islamic conferences and talks every so often. The first of these talks will be on 15th April 2013 inshaAllah entitled Reclaim Your Heart by Sis. Yasmin Mogahed

  • I Slam

    Seats are limited so be sure to get yours now!  BUY YOUR TICKET NOW. PAY WITH CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD

    Eventbrite - I Slam
    Assalamua’laikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

    After bringing YasminMogahed and Nouman Ali Khan to Malaysia, Light Upon Light is set to present yet another soul-enriching and intellectually challenging event, InsyaAllah!

    Prophet Muhammad, SAW (Peace and blessing be upon him) had said, “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day let him speak good or remain silent.” [Bukhari and Muslim]

    The new word on the block that will be turning the tide soon is 

    ‘I Slam’!

    The first of its kind here, this mini youth convention will feature a variety of short talks and spoken word poetry performances.

    Based on the well-known hadith and the simplified theme of ‘Speak Good Or Be Silent’, more than 10 young and vibrant speakers from various countries will take the stage and speak from their hearts to touch yours, InsyaAllah.

    Some noted personalities include Harry Fear, the intrepid Palestine activist from the UK, and our very own Youtube hero, AimanAzlan.

    Date: 4th January 2014

    Time: 9am – 6pm

    Venue: Islamic Arts Museum, KL

    Tickets: RM75


    So brace yourself, a feast for your ears and souls is coming soon.

    I Slam, “Speak Good Or Be Silent”, January 2014

    Seats are limited so be sure to get yours now!  BUY YOUR TICKET NOW. PAY WITH CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD

    Contact: www.lightuponlight.net / 01123238669


    Emphasizing on our relationship we have with our Creator is the key to understanding all our other relationships and attachments in this world. In order to do so, it is important to look into the inward aspects of ourselves. Yasmin Mogahed’s talk in Singapore will be about the spiritual healing of the heart, InshaAllah.

    DATE: 24th April 2014 (Thursday)
    TIME: 8 pm – 11 pm
    VENUE: Hall 1, Singapore Expo


    6.00 pm – 7.30 pm: Registration
    8.00 pm – 9.30 pm: Reclaim Your Heart talk
    9.30 pm – 10.00 pm: Q&A Session

    Eventbrite - Yasmin Mogahed in Singapore - Reclaim Your Heart

    For those who would like to purchase tickets but have no credit card or debit card, not to worry. Here’s another way to do it. To book your tickets, BUY TICKETS MANUALLY

  • Nouman Ali Khan in Malaysia


    Lessons from Surah Ar Rahman. Nouman Ali Khan in Malaysia lecture at Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, 5th September 2013.

  • Yasmin Mogahed Ilm Tour To The East 2014

  • Palestine : Educating Women

    For this project, “Palestine: Educating Women”, we are seeking to provide 21 scholarships for 21 female university students from all over the Gaza strip. The reason why we have chosen to target female students is due to the fact that many a Gazan families would traditionally prefer their sons over daughters when it comes to education, but we believe that girls too deserve a future in getting their education and are too able to contribute positively to their societies. We also believe firmly in the saying of Dr. Aggrey, a Ghanaian intellectual; “If you educate a man, you educate an individual. If you educate a woman, you educate a nation.”

    How are the candidates selected?
    The candidates for this project are 21 female students; 3 from each of the 7 branches of the Darul Quran wal Sunnah Hifz girls’ school in Gaza. They will then be interviewed before receiving their scholarship.

    Helping them effectively means that we will be helping their families, 7 universities that are operating in the Gaza strip (Islamic Uni. , Aqsa Uni , Al Azhar Uni, Palestine Uni , Al Quds Uni , Ummah Uni and UCAS college) and ultimately, the Palestinian people as a whole and their economy.

    In the rest of the world, higher education is easily the right of any student and it has been made equally accessible to all, as mentioned in a number of international human rights instruments. This is not the case, unfortunately, in Palestine. It is more of a privilege, than a right. You would all agree that no one can deny the importance of the obtaining higher education: not only does it produce educated individuals, it also helps shape the development of that individual and their respective communities!

    We aim to not only build educated, but cultured Muslim mothers who can raise, teach and educate the children of Palestine. More importantly, we help make every Palestinian mother’s dream come to life: that their daughters too, get a chance at a bright future. And we are counting on you to help us out!

  • Bazaar

    Yasmin Mogahed in Malaysia – Observation of A Heart

    Interested in a Bazaar and Expo Booth at Putrajaya International Convention Centre? Please review our floor plan and submit below application form or direct email to bazaar@lightuponlight.net or call us at 014 6170 951

    Bazaar Floor Plan: Click Here

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    [Note: Booth Size = 10 ft x 10 ft by 8 ft high back wall]

  • Reclaim Your Heart

    Reclaim Your Heart book online book sales is still available with limited books remaining. The books are sold at RM75 only, the cheapest price in Malaysia. Please contact 011 2323 8669 to place your order. Hurry! while stocks are available.


  • Volunteer


     Volunteering for an Islamic cause, which when carried out with the right intention and sincerity to Allah swt, will have great benefits for your duniya & akhirat. 

     We are looking not “just volunteers” – but key people who will be the forefront representing the Organiser and be part of a unique da’wah effort.


     Personal Competencies

    • Understand own strengths & weaknesses
    • Communicate & relate well to people
    • Respond to changes

    Code of Conduct

    • Abide by rules & regulations
    • Respect for others
    • Always with decorum
    • Sincere & humble
    • High standard of akhlak
    • Integrity


    • Fair representation of the organization
    • Maintains confidentiality
    • Acts accordingly & appropriately
    • Self-reliance and self-confidence

    Self-reliance and self-confidence

    • Optimistic & positive attitude


    • Always check / correct intention
    • Be conscious of riyaa
    • Lower your gaze

    Working with others

    • Patience, tolerance & respect with co-volunteers
    • Assisting one another

    Volunteer Workshop

    The Organiser will select the required numbers of volunteers. Selected volunteers will be required to attend a volunteer training workshop.

    To those who are interested, please fill in THIS online form.
    Fill them fast! You don’t want to miss this chance.
    We will notify the successful volunteer applicants accordingly Insya Allah.

  • Our services what we do

    What we do

    Light Upon Light plans to organize a team of researchers who will acquire details and data on 5 major entities of what Light Upon Light wish to endeavor insyaAllah. The findings of the research will be used as a basis to help launch the necessary entities.

    1. Education/Tarbiyyah

    Many times, those who dedicate their lives to spreading the message of Islam to others find little time for their own reading and learning process. It may be that the work that they are doing takes up a lot of time or a lot of energy. Light Upon Light believes in a concept of internal tarbiyyah meaning that everyone who works for the organization is the pillar in its da’wah aims. Employees will be given a chance to learn and grow in their deen. We plan to achieve this by a constant learning process. A little bit of enrichment on a daily basis will yield more benefit in the long run than long sessions once in a few months. This will enable them to do their job in this field with more knowledge and efficiency without them having to sacrifice their learning. The Light UponLight office aims to provide a comfortable environment for those working in it and allow the possibility of thinking out of the box and do things differently and creatively.  There will be no designated office hours. Productivity is judged by the quality of the end product and its timely completion.

    2. Quran Academy

    The Quran is the word of Allah, a divine guidance and a beacon of light that will inshaAllah guide us to the straight path. But what use is a candle if it is not lit? What use is the Quran if not learned? This is why Light Upon Light wishes to provide classes covering the whole spectrum of tools that will lead to a comprehensive understanding of the divine revelation.

    Arabic Language:

    Arabic is the language of the quran as well as many other Islamic sources. Mastering this language will not only open the door to understanding the culture and lives of millions who’s native language is Arabic, it also brings you closer to the quran and Hadith.It is for this reason that we aim to provide classes to teach this beautiful language.
    Each of the above approaches shines a light on a different angle of the great messages in this holy book.

    Tajweed and Recitation :

    The Quran is not read in the same way as any other book. Its recitation comes with rules and guideline which result in increasing its beauty and highlighting its meanings. The rhythm and melody that result from these guidelines is an essential piece in the whole, a piece that makes our heart shudder in awe. It is no wonder then that the study of the correct way to recite the Quran is given great importance in Islam. This study is called Tajweed.


    Learning to read and memorize the Quran is a wonderful journey to embark on. However these two aspects are not enough to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Quran, this where Tafseer comes in. Tafseer is the process of deriving meanings from the verses of the Quran. It is important to understand the significance of the verses through their context and how this relates to our lives. Linguistics, time of revelation and the relationship of the verses with each other as well as other Islamic sources is another important angle to consider. At Light Upon Light we plan to include these aspects in our Tafseer classes inshaAllah.

    3. Media and Art

    The media is definitely one of the most important tools to spread knowledge.  Its influence is so wide spread it encompasses many different groups of people. At Light Upon Light we aim to use this power and potential to provide positive impact in the Ummah and society generally.

    i)Pre Production, Production, Post-production and Radio Broadcasting
    ii)Art and Performing Art

    4. Community Service

    Our goal is to empower the societies in the villages to achieve their potential. This is achieved by minimizing and eventually eliminating social illnesses due to lack of religious understanding. All in all, we hope that these measures help create a better community inshaAllah.

    5. Beyond the Veil

    Youth are facing a world that is becoming increasingly challenging especially in regards to young Muslim girls. It is our duty to equip them with the necessary weapons so they may hold their ground but still manage to leave a lasting mark in the lives of those around them.

    Educated women are prized jewels that every household should have the honour of cherishing. Their importance is far reaching not only in their communities but generations into the future. In fact a large portion of our Islamic knowledge is based on the narration, observation and teachings of Aisha (Ra). She was inquisitive, analytical and sharp despite her youth. Age is not a hindrance in the journey towards knowledge and we aim to make that clear in our interactions with the girls. Being young in age shouldn’t prevent a person from asking, questioning and understanding concepts of their faith. Our youth should follow the commands of Allah because they want to not because they are told to by a higher authority. This desire comes from understanding and understanding cannot be achieved without knowledge.

    In our journey to produce more women scholars the first and fundamental step is understanding the deen. Therefore, Light Upon Light puts a lot of weight on Islamic knowledge. However, it takes more than knowledge to shape a balanced well rounded individual. This is where the activities come in. They are more than just classes or competitions. They come hand in hand with Islamic education. Meaning, the lessons on Islam are accompanied with practical aspects and the activities provided carry an Islamic message as well. We believe that balance between knowledge and action is the best strategy for improvement and personal enrichment.

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Ramadhan, Month Of Mercy

Speaker : Dr. Halima Boukerroucha.
Price : RM30 (lunch included).
Venue : Institute of Research Management and Monitoring Universiti Malaya
Date/Day : June 15 / Sunday.
Time : 9.00am-4.00pm.
Topics : 1. Signs of Divine Love. 2. An Institute for the Mutaqqin
Eventbrite - Ramadhan, Month Of Mercy